Haight House Painting

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14The district generally encompasses the neighborhood surrounding Haight Street, bounded by Stanyan Street and Golden Gate Park on the west, Oak Street and the Golden Gate Park Panhandle on the north, Baker Street and Buena Vista Park to the east and Frederick Street and Ashbury Heights and Cole Valley neighborhoods to the south.

The street names commemorate two early San Francisco leaders: Pioneer and exchange banker Henry Haight and Munroe Ashbury, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from 1864 to 1870.

Both Haight and his nephew as well as Ashbury had a hand in the planning of the neighborhood, and, more importantly, nearby Golden Gate Park at its inception.

The name “Upper Haight”, used by locals, is in contrast to the Lower Haight district; the latter being lower in elevation.

Many homes in this area have taken advantage of the colorist movement and it has, for decades, been home to some of the most glorious color palettes and vibrant restorations in all of San Francisco. Local Color was one of pioneers of this movement.