Frequently Asked Questions

Q. As a homeowner, how concerned should I be about lead present on my building?

A. New regulations require that companies have lead certified employees who have been schooled in containment and follow the regulations described by the City and County of San Francisco.

Q. How do you protect the household, neighboring buildings, and your employees from lead?

A. By following the guidelines of containment by means of HEPA vacuums, respirators, disposable suits and yearly employee blood screening for exposure. Sealing all the windows from the inside has made the largest contribution in dust containment to those inside. After completing a day of prep all dust is captured and triple-bagged for easy disposal to a sanctioned hazardous waste site. This lead is now the property of the homeowner as specified in guidelines. Free dumping privileges are afforded to homeowners in both Marin and San Francisco. Arrangements are made through the office of San Francisco Local Color.