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Local Color is well known in the Bay Area as the preeminent restoration-painting company. We have built our reputation on the preservation, beautification and protection of many of the area’s finest homes. We are proud to have the talented teams to increase the street appeal of any property to the level it deserves.

A building in excellent condition can simply be repainted with a good washing, a minimal amount of hydrosealing of vertical and horizontal seams, priming and top coating.

Few homes are in such good condition.

Sun, rain and wind take their toll here, and over time can substantially damage a building. For these cases, we offer our trademark Restoration Painting Service that pulls together a team of specialists who can put any building right. Basic repairs to copper or galvanized water tables and gutters, masonry, stairs, foundations or decks can be handled by associates who are time-tested, skilled and reliable.

Color consultation is our strong suit. We have been blessed to work for years with the best Colorists in this field to accomplish trademark results and numerous “Best Painted House in America” awards. We work with the area’s most respected colorists who can collaborate with you on any level you like. They can present complete color schemes based on the house’s architectural history, surrounding buildings and plantings, or just help you refine your own color choices and perhaps tweak the placement of colors on your building.