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Our team of interior painting specialists is qualified to accomplish any project whether large or small. Consultation with owners on the degree of preparation of surfaces is key to obtaining the best job for the least money. We can quote you various levels of finish to help you decide what is best for you.

Level A:  Like new. Surfaces restored to near perfection by removing all chips, cracks, dings and dents and uneven previous paint layers. Cracks in ceilings are routed out, filled and the surface texture of patches matched to rest of ceiling. Appropriate primers are chosen to seal stains and bind the finish coats tightly. Cutting-in color to color—as in woodwork color to wall color—is meticulous. Superior coverage and paint leveling (smoothness) is guaranteed.

Level B:  Surfaces restored to a presentable but not to a new condition. Appropriate primers and stain sealers that are specific to your finish coats are employed.

Color consultation with our decorating specialists is available.  They can give you an exact eye color match to your old colors, pull colors from fabrics to use on walls, or even suggest complete color schemes based on your ideas and your furnishings. Spray application is available in some applications. Wood resurfacing and finishing is a specialty of San Francisco Local Color and is overseen by an experienced foreman.