We love doing doors. There’s something about them. They say it all, and you’ve got to get them just right. Door restoration painting and varnishing are a long-time specialty of San Francisco Local Color. Our technical staff will evaluate the best way to bring your doors back into original condition and then guide you in selecting one of the many finishes possible. We can handle door hardware refurbishing if your door needs it.

Varnished Doors: We will carefully advise you about refinishing a varnished door.  We sand into the sunburned areas, then stain to an even appearance. We then apply multiple clear coats and finally we apply wax to soften the look of the varnish as well as protect it.

Mirror-Painted Doors: The black mirror finish doors made popular in Great Britain a century ago are still the most popular as is the dark green used in Amsterdam. White and bright colors can also be realized in a mirror finish for a more contemporary effect.

Using special filling materials such as Swedish putty from Schreuder Paints of Europe we can build up the extra smooth surface that is essential in obtaining a true mirror-finish painting result. We can also use Schreuder’s superior hi-gloss European oil enamels to create the final mirror finish.