Gold Leafing

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A thirty-year veteran painter of all three architectural styles of Victorians and Edwardians, San Francisco Local Color has been there through every style trend in house painting since 1973. Recently, more owners are “going all the way” with their painting projects to protect their investment as homes have soared in value. This often means adding a touch of gold leaf after the building has been restored to soundness, protected from the elements and properly painted.

Leafing is a very personal expression of luxury. We suggest viewing gold leaf as one would personal jewelry. Whatever is the right amount to accessorize without being showy is the right amount to leaf. There are several colors of gold leaf that we can show to you.  We can give you our advice on which will work the best with your color scheme. Silver or copper leafing is also effective and stunning in some applications.

Our gold leaf artisans are experienced and notably fast, which keeps the cost of leafing as low as possible.

Local Color has long been known for its excellence in gilding. Here is a video of master craftsman, Chris Shneider showing you how-to properly apply gold leaf.


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    I left a voice mail, earlier today (Tues., Aug. 29). We would like to have gold leaf accents on our Victorian building. Can you give me a call to discuss: 415-215-4965. Thanks!

    Pam Earing

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