Preparation for Property Sale

San Francisco Local Color is happy to announce a new service for customers planning to sell their property. To enhance your chances of getting a higher price for your property, our team of interior painting specialists will come into your premises and do all the touch-up painting and various other refurbishing treatments that will make your property show at its best for sale.

Sometimes whole walls of time-dulled paint can be refreshed with one thin coat of the same color paint. In other cases, just the worn, soiled, or damaged areas of walls or woodwork can be restored and blended into the undamaged parts by our experienced on-site color matcher who can tint paint or stain to the age of any area that needs touching up. This process eliminates having to do entire sections of wall, ceiling, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and trim moldings. We are also expert at refreshing stained cabinets and other casework. We can revitalize stained grout and eliminate any mold staining to make bathrooms appear more like new.

We consult with the property owner and ready-for-sale stagers as well as real estate brokers to find the right formula of clean up to cost. This allows homeowners to get the maximum effect for dollars spent. The goal is to create a fresh, well-maintained appearance throughout the property.

The payback of refurbishing for sale can be significant, as a buyer’s first impression is well known to be the key factor that guarantees the highest possible dollar offer.