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The commitment to service and a willingness to solve the causes of previous paint failures has been a hallmark of San Francisco Local Color’s work. Use of the latest technology in window and wood restoration epoxies, paint removal, superior paints, gold leaf, decorative detailing, and the supervision of other related trades has lifted the burden from the client to the hands of experienced professionals.

During the early days of the Colorist Movement, Local Color made its name from its development and implementation of innovative and revolutionary restoration methods. Our use of technological innovations in window and wood restoration epoxies re-wrote the “best-practices” for how Bay Area homes must be renovated before a single drop of paint is applied. Now, as then, problems are traced back to the root cause, handled at their source and carefully restored to structural integrity and longevity.

Rotted wood results when sun, water, fungus, insects or some combination of these invade good wood. Some of the individual cellulous fibers of the wood are destroyed leaving a soft and crumbling condition. If not addressed properly, the process will continue until all of the original wood is gone.

  1. The destroyed wood is uncovered by stripping and carefully digging out down to the point of salvageable wood.
  2. The remaining salvageable wood is treated with many coats of a thin epoxy liquid that penetrates the wood fibers and consolidates (hardens) them making them unappetizing to future invasive organisms  and the elements.
  3. Voids in the wood are filled with a malleable and sculpt-able epoxy material. Sometimes a form must be made to contain larger areas to be filled. When the epoxy dries it can be further sculpted, sanded, primed and painted.

The filling material is engineered to move with the wood it is attached to, adding great stability and long duration to the repair.

San Francisco Local Color is one of only two painting contractors in California licensed to use Advanced Repair Technology’s wood repair system products. This technology is used in window repair, and in repairs when the future permanence of the repair must be assured.