This is one of the best paint jobs I have ever seen

There are not many people who walk this earth that I could consider to be masters of the artistry of change, but Bruce Nelson of Local Color Paining is most certainly one of them. He turned our home from “what in the living heck were those people thinking” into “wow, seriously this is one of the best paint jobs I have ever seen”. He also painted my entire 2800 sq ft house in 1 week (hence the miracle part). The cuts were superb, the coats even, and I DARE you to come over and find a run in my house. There isn’t a single one. His team was meticulous, hard working, and extraordinarily pleasant to interact with. They came early and stayed late to get the job done. ┬áHis colorist that he works with Lynne, is also amazing, and together they were able to create a masterpiece on my walls. The price was also very reasonable considering the high quality of work I received. You can’t go wrong with these guys and if you need further reference please feel free to contact me.

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