Total attention to detail

This is my first Yelp review and it is inspired by the work of Bruce Nelson and his fabulous crew at Local Color. We live in the Inner Richmond, in a stucco house that needed a lot of work, Bruce and his team spent about a week on the prepping, taking care with all the different architectural features. We also worked with Lynne Rutter the colorist and there were 5 colors on our house, quite a complex job but Local Color was amazing. Total attention to detail, thorough, the team (Rolando, Luis, Toby, Chris, Salvatore is the carpenter) worked so carefully and professionally. Our next door  neighbor decided to use them on their home. Honestly, I cannot sing their praises enough. Their bid was competitive and the work was exemplary. Feel free to contact me directly, 415-793-9013.

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Sandra T

They are a joy to work with

I have worked with Local Color painting as a colorist for years and seen firsthand how thorough, skilled, and caring this company’s painters really are. owner bruce nelson is a true professional with a love for his work and unwavering devotion to quality work. As a decorative painter myself, I am hyper-sensitive to a good paint job and can’t rave enough about the communication and fine finish you get from Local Color. They are a joy to work with. When the time came for me to paint my own house I was lucky to get my entire house painted inside and out by this outstanding crew.

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Ludmilla R.

Easily the most beautiful house in the neighborhood

I’m very proud of my house and I’m more than a little finicky about its colors and detail. Bruce and his crew: Chris, Toby, Rolando, and Luis all took pains to deliver the quality workmanship I demanded. In some cases their suggestions even brought the quality standard higher. Now my home is renewed, refreshed, reinvigorated, and is easily the most beautiful house in the neighborhood. People walking up to my front porch are blown away by the inviting elegance of the entry. We did everything from the landing to the front door in high-gloss oils, and the effect looks like a million bucks. Friends experiencing it have told me that it’s the “warmest place in San Francisco.” Thanks, Bruce and crew, for having high standards and living up to them. I am a happy client.

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Frank S

I can’t recommend these folks highly enough

I can’t recommend these folks highly enough. Everything on our last job was excellent, thanks to the outstanding crew of SF Local Color. Everyone was extremely keen to do the best possible job with no hassles. The whole crew were very skilled, no smoking on site, no radios, very responsive to evolving specs, extraordinarily-complete cleanup every day. Bruce Nelson was on the job regularly, and responded within an hour to email at any time of day (he carries an iPhone). Great care in managing the scaffolding. Worked well with colorist to get the dozen-or-so colors in exactly the right places and used the particular kind of ultra-premium paint I wanted, with attention to quality application, and particularly-good gold-leaf work. Worked well with other restoration going on at the same time. These folks are dedicated to doing the job right, and provide all the advice needed to get the best result. This is not the first time Local Color has painted our house–the first time was 19 years ago, and the senior people then are still with the company! Since that first time we have not even asked anyone else to bid.

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Robert G

This is one of the best paint jobs I have ever seen

There are not many people who walk this earth that I could consider to be masters of the artistry of change, but Bruce Nelson of Local Color Paining is most certainly one of them. He turned our home from “what in the living heck were those people thinking” into “wow, seriously this is one of the best paint jobs I have ever seen”. He also painted my entire 2800 sq ft house in 1 week (hence the miracle part). The cuts were superb, the coats even, and I DARE you to come over and find a run in my house. There isn’t a single one. His team was meticulous, hard working, and extraordinarily pleasant to interact with. They came early and stayed late to get the job done.  His colorist that he works with Lynne, is also amazing, and together they were able to create a masterpiece on my walls. The price was also very reasonable considering the high quality of work I received. You can’t go wrong with these guys and if you need further reference please feel free to contact me.

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Drea L

We are extremely glad we decided on Local Color

We decided to hire Local Color to paint our house after getting an enthusiastic recommendation from my sister-in-law. We interviewed and received quotes from several other painters, but we immediately felt comfortable with Bruce. The professionalism of this company is evident from start to finish. We were extremely happy with the painting crew, who were not obtrusive at all, friendly, thorough, and courteous. Bruce was always very responsive and assisted us in making our decisions. Local Color also provided a fantastic carpenter who repaired our rotting stained-glass window, saving it and restoring it for a very reasonable cost. The same thing with our old bay windows, which they managed to salvage and repair, saving us a lot of replacement costs. The painting prep-work was extremely thorough, and now that the work is done, our house has never looked so great! We are extremely glad we decided on Local Color, and we were very satisfied with the entire experience.

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Michael U

Careful, meticulous, considerate, and outstanding work.

I guess i’m just one more fan.  Bruce and his crew have done multiple jobs for us- Careful, meticulous, considerate, and outstanding work.

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Paul W

The whole house looks amazing

There are a few key reasons I chose Bruce and the Local Color team and I am very happy that I did. I wanted my old victorian to be restored, not just painted. Restoring is more expensive because it’s significantly more work to strip off old paint and putty up cracks and old nail holes. Bruce was able to work within the budget and focused on restoring the most visible areas for maximum benefit. Bruce was fair and reasonable working through scope changes, as they always seem to do with me.

With years and years of paint removed, I can see detail in the front facade that I never noticed before. The whole house looks amazing and I know it will last because the prep work has been done right.

I like the small team who have been with Bruce for many many years. They are so attentive to detail and have a strong personal investment in the job they are doing. The small Local Color team different from a larger company that’s more interested in getting in and out quickly while controlling costs. Rolando is an excellent site manager and they are all just really nice guys too.

Bruce has a great reputation with and helped manage connections to various other proprietors required for the process including:  carpentry, victorian restoration, colorist, and roofing.

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Don M