Our Story

San Francisco Local Color Inc. Painting and Restoration is celebrating its 46th year as an industry leader in the restoration, care, and beautification of the Bay Area’s Victorians, Edwardians and other classic structures. This twelve-time national award-winning firm was founded by one of the “Mothers of the Colorist Movement,” Mr. Bruce Nelson, who began the company in 1973 and continued to run it all the way up until 2019, when he passed the torch of his historic legacy to another SF legend, Nita Riccardi. Nita founded Winning Colors Painting in 1994 and has painted over 400 Victorians, more often than not in collaboration with another Colorist Movement Pioneer Colorist Bob Buckter, and has spent decades preserving and beautifying the unique character and palette of The Bay Area.

Local Color specializes in both interiors and exteriors with exacting attention to surface preparation, thoughtful design consultation, aesthetic color selection, and meticulous, long-lasting finishes. Our commitment to doing thorough and quality work, deserving of the beautiful structures beneath them, is the hallmark of San Francisco Local Color. Our restorations route-out and address the root cause of damage and deteriorations. Then, using the latest technologies, we fortify your home against future attacks by replacing damaged wood and window areas with long-lasting epoxies, returning integrity and great longevity to the structures. 

We know how special life is here. Our aim in every job we do is to showcase the unique beauty that makes the Bay Area so magical.

In restoring these buildings, they are not only saved from the developer’s wrecking ball, but these gorgeous architectural rarities can be given a whole new life, raising the vibration for all who see them through exacting restorations and delightful palettes. Every one a love letter to this place we call home.   

The 10-person team have made San Francisco Local Color the industry’s most recognized residential painting firm as selected by The National Paint and Coating Association and by The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. It is a true honor to be recognized by the PDCA and The American Coatings Association.

Bruce Nelson – Founder
San Francisco Local Color

Nita Riccardi – Owner
San Francisco Local Color